We all know how tough it is to change a person’s mind about what they’ve been taught to believe about money. Many believe that qualified plans are the best way to save for retirement, and even though most people don’t have the luxury of gambling their money or prefer not to, they invest it in the stock market because they don’t know any other alternative.

We have created a proprietary software that goes far beyond the typical retirement calculator.  It’s called the One-to-One Calculator (also referred to as the One-on-One Calculator or 1:1 Calculator) and was built from inception to present the many advantages of an Index Universal Life contract.

The Calculator in Action

It’s a planning software, designed specifically to be able to import IUL illustrations and compare the IUL contract’s performance over time to the performance of the consumer’s other assets.

You can show prospects different financial scenarios, allowing anyone to quickly see how Index Universal Life Insurance can benefit them over the long-term, creating a level of financial freedom far beyond what a qualified plan is capable of providing.

TriQuest strives to create an environment in which agents can produce more efficiently, effectively, and independently.

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