Negative Interest Rates Coming Soon to a Bank Near You?

Yes, you read that right.  Bloomberg Business recently reported that the Federal Reserve “wants to test how banks would handle negative interest rates.” I’m not shocked by much in today’s financial world of stock markets going haywire, giant economies like China’s teetering on the edge of disaster, and the ever-present threat of the government raiding Read more

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I have been told there’s an old adage in football: defense wins championships. This must have some truth because it’s all over the news how the Denver Broncos shut down Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. The Wall Street Journal reported the Denver Bronco’s defense “Throttles the Panthers,” and defense has been the prevailing word Read more

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Preparation: The Best Defense that Wins the Game

Three short weeks ago, the media was screaming about the massive hit the Dow Jones Industrial® plunging 395 points. But then by the end of January, it had recovered over 1,000 points. Sounds like the usual stock market roller coaster having its usual field day with market investors. Amidst all that market noise is the Read more

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