TriQuest USA

Your source for exceptional guidance and quality training.

Our specialty is helping our agents master compelling concepts rarely talked about in our industry. It separates them from the competition.
We empower our agents to be independent, creating an environment in which they can build their business effectively and reap the benefits.
We believe in supporting our agents through the entire sales process, providing  proprietary planning tools and a constantly updated back-office, fostering an environment of continued growth and support.

Triquest’s Mission

TriQuest USA is the creation of Merle Gilly. Founded in 1999, it is a company dedicated to restoring hope to American households, helping our agents and their clients achieve the American dream.  We do this through properly funding what we believe is one of finest financial products ever built, Index Universal Life Insurance.

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Simon Sinek explains the importance of starting with WHY (not how or what). This is the basis of TriQuest’s Philosophy. Click the button below to listen to him. 

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