Good agents deserve good support.

TriQuest is known for its conceptual sales training for IUL. Our agent support is centered around education—from the products we endorse and sell to how we have meaningful conversations about alternate yet simple, effective money moves to help consumers achieve their financial goals. 

Training that you can apply right away is key to success. When you’re educated, you’re competent. When you’re competent, you’re confident. It’s a powerful combination that gets results.

We call our back-office support the TriQuest Academy for a reason. It is a dynamic data base of knowledge that is constantly updating:

• Weekly recorded webinars delivered by Merle Gilley and his team of financial, sales, and marketing experts designed to address pressing issues advisors and agents have.
• Recorded webinars, documents, instructional videos, and other tools agents and advisors can access on their own time.
• The Agent Share, a space for agents to ask questions, chat with each other, get ideas, read economic and financial news, and catch the latest industry updates.

TriQuest academy is a forum for our agents to get access to information that’s not readily available anywhere else. It is only available to agents contracted with TriQuest and our affiliate distribution partners.

Want to access TriQuest Academy?

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