Your mortgage deduction can be perpetual—and fully within the bounds of IRS codes

The two largest assets that are found in most households today across our nations is a Qualified Retirement savings account and the family’s home. Unfortunately, they are also the two most misunderstood assets when it comes to understanding the tax advantages and the tax liabilities each holds.  Thus this makes these two assets the most Read more

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Unnecessary Waste

I was listening to the news the other morning on the radio, and what I heard should have floored me, but it actually didn’t surprise me. Approximately $3 billion worth of cancer drugs are being thrown away. The story checked out. CNN reported on the same study the radio announcer mentioned. If you’ve ever had Read more

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Retirement in a Bear Market—A Different View

The first Sunday in March had some bigger-than-normal news to report. NFL legend, Peyton Manning, announced his retirement. Nancy Reagan, devoted wife to President Ronald Reagan, passed away the day before. These two great individuals remind us of the inevitable: all of us will at some point, “shuffle off this mortal coil,” as Shakespeare said Read more

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