TriQuest’s training philosophy is different. We concentrate on financial concepts and strategies agents and advisors can share with consumers using Indexed Universal Life as the foundation.

Our back office support is called TriQuest Academy because we want our agents to understand and communicate effectively with their clients.

While others may concentrate on product training for their agents, TriQuest’s training philosophy differentiates itself in that it works to train agents and advisors in financial concepts and strategies first and then shows you how various products can be used to implement them for the benefit of the consumer.

• Strategies like creating an alternative retirement account utilizing the IUL product instead of using IRAs, 401ks and 403bs.
• Concepts that allow you to teach your clients how to pay off their homes quicker without relinquishing control of their cash.

Every single person that has a job, is raising kids, that owns a home, and wants to plan for a secure retirement must start with a foundation that contains Index Universal Life Insurance.
We want your clients to feel confident that financial independence is within reach with the right products and services for them.

We invite you to watch the below 11 minute video on how we talk about one of these strategies, caps and floors, lock-in and reset. This is one of the many videos agents and advisors can access to learn more about how to sell and close more business.


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