Tools for Success

TriQuest understands the importance of giving our agents tools to be successful. Our sales and marketing programs and tools are proven, proprietary, and like none-other in the business.

Our sales and marketing programs and tools range from tested traditional promotion to cutting-edge digital advisor tools. They are geared to agents and advisors who demand excellence so they can remain independent.

If you have ever wanted a program that shows consumers a comparison of a market-based investment versus a life insurance savings vehicle, then wish no longer. Click here to find out more about the one-on-one calculator.

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My Family Financial Miracle (MFFM)

Merle Gilley’s My Family Financial Miracle: A New Way of Thinking to Protect and Control Your Money is one of the most understandable and usable books available on Indexed Universal Life insurance. It is currently ONLY available to TriQuest and TriQuest Affiliate agents and financial advisors, and it has attached to it an entire Digital Advisor platform ready for use. Based on the concepts in the book as well as nine targeted training videos, the My Family Financial Miracle marketing system is designed to help you educate leads to enhance your sales process.

Click here to experience My Family Financial Miracle in action.
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